“One People, One Sky


The International Amateur Astronomical Association (IAAA) was founded with the aim of bringing the world together to share knowledge of humanity’s oldest natural science – astronomy.

We believe in "One People, One Sky". 

Everyone is welcome to join the IAAA, whether a beginner or an experienced astronomer. Basic membership is free, as we strongly believe in equitable access for all. We believe we offer something for everyone.

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We organize astronomy-related events like quizzes and webinars for people of all ages and levels of interest. Our flagship Monthly International Astronomy Quiz is one of the most competitive astronomy competitions anywhere! We also offer free online astronomy courses for beginner astronomers. Members of the IAAA also get special access to our online discussion forum and other publishing, and education opportunities.

Image by Ian Parker

the executive council.


President : Sai Charan Petchetti

Vice President : Charith Pareddy

  General Secretary : Rithwik Rayani

              Joint Secretary : Aditi Ambatipudi

    Events Secretary : Balleswar Prakash Reddy Kota

     Community Manager : Aadit Agrawal